Review by Jonjo Reliance

Jordan Rakei - Wildfire


From the moment I sat on the tube and stuck on my headphones to listen to Jordan’s new song, it struck me that the song and its structure are free. Very free. That’s the beauty and charm of Jordan Rakei; You listen to his music and are instantly transported to some distant island where money and social media don’t matter and love, life, truth, happiness and health are everything...

Oh yes back to the song. Well it’s a beaut! The ooo’s take you to rotary connection freeness and the time signature drum-wise lets you float without a care in the world.

Rating: 5/5 (Or 6/5 if there was such a thing!!)

Eliza - Alone and Unafraid


This song sees the return of Eliza, and right now it seems she is fully on the rise!

The intro starts with a weird vocal sample (hope it’s cleared!) that sets the tone and from there it’s ALL vocals - Eliza style. It seems that she has now found her stride recording independently. The bridge to the song takes you to something that Lauryn Hill would've done in her finest hour.

The chorus is correct!! This single needs to be heard by many and all. It needs radio play but without wanting it. Eliza is now here, she has arrived. Get ready. If the whole album is on this flex 💪🏿, then we are in for a treat.

It’s jazzy, it’s soulful, it’s electronic, it’s new wave. It’s US!! It’s you!!

Rating: 5/5