Review by Rory Braitwaite

Nubya Garcia

When We Are

Nubya at the moment is one of the front runners of this scene. She is true to it in every sense of the word and having seen her live, a superstar. Now, do not think I am exaggerating here! Some have that quality without trying, and she has it. Superstar, written all over her.

It may take the mainstream music industry a minute to work this out of course. But by this time next year, you will find it very difficult to buy a ticket to one of her shows. When We Are showcases her signature sound. The main hook is beautifully raw, and most of all free. The playing drum-wise makes you skank without you actually realising. And the keyboard playing which I suspect is Joe Armon-Jones grabs you by the throat and leaves you on the floor. The sax keys and drums play with your mind until you realise that all the while the bass has been relentlessly killing it, holding down the groove that elevated your tired ass and made you move. Five stars for this piece of music.


Once again, signature sax and drive from the bass and drums. A beautiful sax hook too! Keyboardist Joe Armon-Jones - the beast, slaughters it. The sax solo speaks whilst the drummer seems to answer the sax’s call, drums again beautiful answering the sax’s call to join in. This is like a set of mates going out on the town slightly drunk, merry and ready for what the night brings. Walking up the road together, joking with each other about times gone by... Drums then have a moment solo-wise. Femi is surely destroying all the space around him drums-wise! Yeah, this is violently beautiful. 6 stars out of 5, if there could be such a thing!


“When We Are” K15 Remix

This is great for your feet and stays true to Nubya’s flavour which is great. The When We are K15 mix is like a night ride. The claps, when they eventually surface, are actually dance floor gold. The keys then have a moment. This feels like a mix that Nubya herself sanctioned as the parts felt replayed and not simply plonked on top of a new backing track. Lovely playing too. 

Maxwell Owin mix “Source"

This is an odyssey, sound-wise. Lots of effects taking the original song that step further into bliss. The bass, keyboards-wise and the conversation musically moves outwards and outwards some more until you are left at the end of the tale wanting more of course. Yep! Once more, Nubya scores with this. It feels like a remix that she likes better than one suggested in a record label board room.